The artwork of reverse studying. The magic of palindromes

The artwork of reverse studying. The magic of palindromes

Have you ever ever tried studying phrases backwards? I attempted it as soon as once I was a child. My title was Ilek. My cat’s retarded title was Niffum, and my favourite meals was etalokoch. I walked round saying phrases nobody else understood. It was like talking my language.

However then I got here throughout some very shocking phrases that stayed the identical as I learn them again. “Dad” stayed Dad and “Mother” stayed Mother, and even my pal Hannah stayed the identical. I did not understand it on the time, however I had found the very cool world of palindromes.

What’s a Palindrome?

Palindromes stay the identical if you learn them backwards or forwards. They are often phrases.




They are often phrases or sentences.

by no means odd and even

a nod

Was it a cat that I noticed?

Geese see God.

They are often numbers.



12:21 p.m

And a few palindromes are even the identical: ahead, backward, inverted, and inverted within the backward route.




A palindrome magic trick

Here is a trick you are able to do to show virtually any quantity right into a palindrome. First consider a quantity and write it down.


Then write that quantity again and add two.


+ 1423


In some circumstances, it would not work the primary time. When this occurs, simply hold turning and including numbers till you get your palindrome;


+ 2794






Are you a palindrome?

Warning: palindromes might be addictive. Some individuals begin searching for them in all places and may go slightly loopy searching for palindromes.

You might be prone to being palindromatic if:

  • Do you’ve got pals named Ana, Eva, Izzy, Otto or Bob?
  • Your favourite occasions of the day are 10:01, 11:11, 5:55, and so on.
  • You like kayaking and have all the time wished to race vehicles.
  • Your favourite automobile is Toyota.

Know extra

Get your palindromic on with these books and sources:

For younger youngsters: Mother and Dad are PalindromesBy Mark Shulman and Adam McCauley, or In the event you had been a palindrome, by Michael Dahl. These two enjoyable image books are an awesome introduction to the world of palindromes for teenagers.

For older youngsters and adultsJohn Agee is the king of palindromic books like this Go grasp some salami, I am a lasagna pigand: Palindromania. Cartoon drawings are mixed with loopy subtitles for good enjoyable.

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