Tarot card meanings

Tarot card meanings

Tarot card meanings and interpretations are based mostly on numerology, components; religious, emotional, psychological and bodily processes and naturally drawing and inserting playing cards. The weather or fits nonetheless exist in tarot in fashionable taking part in playing cards. Diamonds, Spades, Golf equipment, and Hearts can manifest as Earth, Air, Fireplace, and Water. Or deliver it into our fashionable worlds, cash, thought, intention and emotion. This may be associated to enterprise, ideas, transformations and love.

Within the historic world and in different occasions, these 4 components additionally contained knowledge for managing the lifeless, seasons, occasions of day, and ages of life. Christian orthodoxy has additionally included this

1) the glass of the final supper,
2) The wood spear of St. Longinus pierced the aspect of Jesus,
3) the spherical plate from which the disciples ate the Passover and
4) King David’s “Sword of the Spirit”.

The which means of the Tarot playing cards is universally constant and lends credence to this historic discourse. Spirit lives in photographs. The soul feeds on photographs. An image speaks a thousand phrases. The playing cards depict the degrees of human consciousness, the primary awakening, to divine Consciousness, union with Spirit. The Tarot consists of seventy-eight playing cards. Of those, 56 are minor or minor trumps, keys, or arcana.

The origin of the phrase “Tarot” stays unknown, in addition to the origin of the playing cards. The primary documentary proof of the Tarot dates again to 1442. “Triumphs” are talked about within the ledger of the Courtroom of Ferrara, Italy. However they’re much older. It’s not possible to discover a interval when these photographs weren’t identified. Generally they had been discovered as frescoes, generally as stone sculptures or terracotta tiles. Wherever they’re discovered, their resemblance is so placing; The frequent supply of world information is indeniable.


The tarot wheel speaks the regulation of life. Tarot letters might be interchanged to create a number of meanings. “Tora” is Hebrew for Legislation, “Rota” is Latin for Wheel; “Ator” is a type of Hathor, an Egyptian goddess who was interchanged with Isis. One other connection is the sacred mound of “Tara” in Eire. Additionally, “Tara” is the mom of Buddha. The good fertility goddess of Syria and Persia is sensual and often known as “ASTAROT”.

The Egyptian god “Thoth” (therefore the identify of the Tarot because the Ebook of Thoth) might have given us the Tarot. Throughout the Egyptian language; “tar” means street or path and “Ro” means king or royal, so Tarot interprets as royal street.

The phrases Fact, Terra (which means earth), Tantra and even The Tao are instructed variations of the phrase TAROT. In Eire, the legendary “Folks of the Goddess DANA” (Tuatha De Danann) spoke of 4 magical treasures: a cauldron, a spear, a stone and a sword. There are comparable symbols in Hindu artwork. the cup, the wand, the ring and the sword. Symbols of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of destiny, included a cup, an applewood workers, a wheel, and a sword. The playing cards might have been the unique “elf books” given to people by fairies to their family members, enabling them to foretell the longer term.

From historic occasions to the current day; people have sought to know the current and predict the longer term. Understandably, folks proceed to really feel the necessity for supernatural steerage and search these with true imaginative and prescient and good counseling expertise.

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