Storyboarding for English as a Second Language Programs

Storyboarding for English as a Second Language Programs

Storyboarding for English as a Second Language Programs

Storyboarding for ESL lessons

One vital objective of any ESL class, which tends to get misplaced within the muddle of grammar, writing, and vocabulary classes, is the manufacturing of straightforward language. One nice method to get college students to create language is thru the usage of tales.

Storyboarding within the movie business started with the creation of cartoons that later advanced into movement photos. Storyboards at the moment are used on a regular basis to create motion sequences for motion pictures and commercials. I introduce college students to the concept of ​​a fairy story by giving them quite simple examples. I’ll present a YouTube video of a storyboard made by fifth and sixth graders to point out the category what I’m searching for. These college students retell the story.

College students work from a textbook that comprises a collection of pretty easy fables and fairy tales that they learn every week. We begin with the story they simply learn. I inform them they are going to inform the story on the board.

College students are divided into groups of 4. (Improvise with odd numbers.) Every pupil is given a clean sheet of white paper. I then ask them to fold the paper in half after which in half once more to create 4 equal squares.

College students think about squares 1, 2, 3, 4. College students independently select who can be primary, then quantity two, and so forth as much as 4. Then all of the numbers within the class begin at sq. 1 and start the story. Basically, it is best to start out with the title. For instance, utilizing Six Blind Man and the Elephant, they begin on the primary sq. with the title and draw an elephant.

We change over to all #2 college students and people college students have to attract/describe among the blind males and what they noticed. Then #3 college students can draw/describe the remainder of the blind males and what they noticed. In Sq. 4, college students ought to summarize the story, comparable to: “All of them noticed one thing completely different.”

When a staff has accomplished all 4 squares, it’s their flip to inform the story to the category. They take their papers to the whiteboard, redraw their photos after which every take turns studying their a part of the story. (It is very important emphasize that every pupil speaks and nobody speaks for the group.)

As soon as college students are snug with this course of, they will transfer on to PowerPoint shows. At this level, every staff chooses a unique story to retell. They will work collectively on the computer systems within the college library. College students will typically use extra slides to inform their story and pull graphics from the web or typically create graphics themselves. At this stage of their studying, originality will not be vital. It is vital that they retell the story in an comprehensible means. The groups then current their PowerPoints to the category. College students often do very properly with this train and revel in doing artistic work in addition to collaborating in groups. In any case, they produce language, in their very own phrases.

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