Product Assessment – Free Leg Lifting Bracket

Product Assessment – Free Leg Lifting Bracket

The Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace goes past the restrictions of crutches, wheelchairs or knee walkers.

How many individuals are injured and require weight bearing on the affected limb, however can’t tolerate crutches or can’t afford to make use of a wheelchair? What various is there to take care of freedom of motion, sufficient therapeutic time and to hold out your every day actions with out help?

The Freedom Leg is a novel gadget created by Ahead Mobility of Edmonds, WA. The precept of the gadget is to offer zero weight on the injured leg from the knee down. It completed this through the use of a complicated carbon composite fiber body across the leg, transferring weight from the hip to the bottom, thereby eradicating all weight from the knee to the foot.

When adjusted, the affected person’s leg floats off the ground beneath the knee with out weight. Its distinctive form offers near-normal gait with decreased leg atrophy generally seen with extended immobilization with crutches, casts, or wheelchairs.

The Freedom Leg is good for diabetics who are suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers that require full non-wear. The gadget may also be used with leg and foot amputation sufferers.

When the affected person first places the gadget on, it’s endorsed to make use of a cane. As soon as the affected person good points confidence with the gadget, they’ll go up and down stairs, steep inclines, and uneven surfaces.

Think about lifting grocery luggage, going procuring with no need assist. That’s the freedom you attain with the Foot of Freedom.

It is strongly recommended that you just seek the advice of along with your physician or therapist to find out if you happen to can stroll round with the tis gadget. Freedom Leg shouldn’t be indicated for sufferers with stability issues.

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