Burger. The Higher Merkaba

Burger. The Higher Merkaba

Burger. The Higher Merkaba


For a whole lot of years, individuals have been fascinated by the large Egyptian structure often called the pyramids. Just lately, we got here to find out about current discoveries about these historic buildings. We realized about his astrological and astrological views, metaphysical features, utilized arithmetic, reference to earth sciences, non secular perception, and so forth. It’s actually awe-inspiring to see these big geometric heights with such precision.

So as to relate the above assertion to the reality, I’ll seek advice from the current discovery of the truth that the Pyramid of Giza is eight-sided. A number of years in the past, we had a distinct viewpoint. The photo voltaic equinox coincidentally proved the slight angular tilt of the aspect faces of the pyramid.

Nevertheless, I’ll current right here one other speculation that a number of realized researchers have acknowledged to consider in geometry.


Merkabah within the Hebrew textual content means chariot. It often depicts the transition or ascension from physique to spirit with the assistance of divine gentle.

“Mer” means gentle, “Ka” refers back to the spirit and “Ba” is the physique.

A merkaba is principally a geometrical construction of two pyramids fused collectively.

Undoubtedly, it’s underneath sacred geometry and has its metaphysical features.

Within the Bible (Ezekiel 1:4-26), it’s described as a four-wheeled chariot pushed by 4 cherubim with 4 wings and 4 faces. These ideas come underneath the college of Jewish mysticism. Ezekiel was taken alive on this chariot. These details or myths had been extensively depicted Maaseh Merkabah. It is usually associated to the speculation of historic aliens as prompt by many researchers.

Latest developments concerning the Merkabah have made a definitive connection to the construction of our DNA. So, in different phrases, the Merkabah may be the geometric mannequin of the constructing blocks of contemporary humanity.

“Chassidic” philosophy tells in regards to the complicated relationship of the Merkaba with the human species, its ecosystem and this universe and methods to transcend the bodily degree.

The factor is.

Pyramids are the bodily type of the Merkaba, however solely the higher half. We have to theoretically take into account the inversion of the construction. It precisely mimics the Merkabah described in historic texts and helps to lift one’s consciousness.

The researchers say that once they saved burned-out batteries underneath a small pyramid-shaped construction that was exactly cloned from the unique construction, it charged inside minutes. Even the blunt edged razor regained its sharpness.

Meat and greens saved underneath it don’t spoil. There is a rise in astral projection particularly for individuals who have such talents. Lucid dreaming turns into simple when sleeping underneath the pyramids.

There may be extra to it.

In Indian temple structure, we see an analogous construction, albeit extremely adorned with carvings. It rises from a sq. base to some extent.

The 3D construction of the ‘Shri Yantra’ is similar to these temples.

Indian scriptures make it a rule that everybody ought to go to temples and sit there in silence for no less than 15-20 minutes. It is because the structure of those temples is designed to harness the cosmic energies and accumulate underneath the temple which is 1/3 of the peak of the temple.

Strikingly just like Indian temples, pyramids do have the identical philosophy, and it has been confirmed (not in a lab, as we’re a good distance from doing that) that it impacts human consciousness.

Merkaba is a visualization that empowers individuals to lift their ‘chakra’ degree or relatively consciousness degree to the next dimension.

Why ought to such a sophisticated tradition, the place individuals had been nurtured by means of arithmetic, astronomy, agriculture, chemistry, drugs, and so forth., spend their effort and time constructing tombs?

The thriller lies of their shapes and quietly nonetheless magnificent design. They encoded an extremely secret message into these temporal buildings. We despatched house probes overlaying distances to seek for new life.

They constructed a pyramid that traveled by means of the ages with a message hidden in its extremely exact geometric buildings. Historic Egyptian buildings are nonetheless touring again in time to search out the fitting stage of civilization that can crack the code and reveal a reality we’re not but prepared for.


Effectively, it is not that simple to spend a number of days underneath an actual pyramid (in spite of everything, it is not a resort), however we are able to do a number of experiments with a reproduction of a pyramid (say, the Cheops pyramid) and do some experiments. . It needs to be famous that the everyday pyramid is theoretically a Merkabah.

The observe of meditation and lively visualization is a key part of those experiments. For the laboratory, we should always have a pyramid made from cardboard or wooden (few individuals construct their roofs within the type of a pyramid).

Do some basic math and work out the ratio of lengths to depths (may be simply present in high degree search engines like google and yahoo). The angle will stay the identical.

Discover a place to place the home made pyramid and place it above the bottom in order that should you sit inside it, your sitting peak needs to be 1/3 of the peak of the pyramid. (Please do not forget that the king’s sarcophagus within the king’s room is strictly 1/3 the peak of the pyramid)

Assume and visualize the Merkabah inside you as a superb geometric construction. Replicate on the consciousness that’s you. Let it stream freely.

Solely you’ll really feel the outcomes.

Good luck to you all!

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