8 specialised printing strategies to make your t-shirts stand out from the group

8 specialised printing strategies to make your t-shirts stand out from the group

In order for you your t-shirt design to be distinctive, to face out from the group, strive utilizing the particular printing results described on this article. Specialised printing affords some actual benefits. Other than simply wanting superior, particular results give your design different factors of distinction, and whereas they value greater than customary display printing, distinctive merchandise typically command greater promoting costs.

Discharge ink

Discharge ink removes the prevailing dye from the t-shirt, leaving the pure coloration of the fiber (usually some shade of beige). Colours can then be substituted into the fibers by including inks to the discharge base.

Benefits: Utilizing a t-shirt discharge ink leads to a strong, colourful print and a really tender hand (ie, a tender “really feel” to the printed t-shirt). Discharge ink is particularly helpful if you happen to’re printing vibrant colours on black t-shirts. Another approach for printing colours on a darkish ink base requires an “undercoat” of white ink to offer enough coloration opacity, leading to a thick, heavy end.

Disadvantages: As it’s unattainable to know upfront how every shirt will react to the ink being emitted, coloration matching can’t be assured and there could also be some coloration variation between prints all through the run.

Photochromic ink

Photochromic or UV reactive inks are virtually clear when considered indoors, however change to vibrant colours in daylight.

Benefits: Cool results might be created with printing that successfully shows two totally different designs, one inside and one exterior.

Disadvantages: Solely a restricted vary of colours out there.

Glow in the dead of night ink

Glow in the dead of night inks do precisely what their title suggests. they differ by glowing in the dead of night. These inks will seem translucent below mild.

Benefits: Individuals can discover you in the dead of night. (Simply kidding. It is fairly cool although.)

Disadvantages: The inks work finest when printed on a white or mild coloured background, so darker shirts require a lightweight coloured base coat.

Foil printing

Foil printing is a two-step course of that leaves a shiny metallic “imprint” on the shirt. First, the garment is screen-printed utilizing a particular adhesive, fairly than ink, and dried (dried) within the regular means. A sheet of foil is then warmth pressed onto the picture created with the adhesive. When the press is eliminated, the foil adheres to the printed areas with adhesive and the surplus is eliminated.

Benefits: Foil printing offers one of the best shiny metallic printing impact. Bling!

Disadvantages: As a result of it is a two-step course of, foil printing could not work as properly for delicate, detailed designs, and it is extra weak to power wash than most different ending kinds.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks lead to a shimmering, shiny impact just like metallic automobile paint. Steel display printing is cheaper than foil printing however doesn’t have the identical shiny impact.

Glitter print

Like foil printing and metallic inks, glitter inks could make your design look shiny and enticing. They’re out there in several colours.

Layered inks

Layered inks are created by mixing a specifically formulated base into the ink. The bottom ink combination expands (“blows”) because the print is solidified via the warmth tunnel, leaving a 3D texture. Blown inks are additionally out there in all kinds of colours.


Flock printing is achieved by including a particular base to the ink, which supplies the ink a furry, velvety texture because it solidifies via a warmth tunnel.

All these specialised printing strategies can be utilized to present your designs a bit of one thing “additional”, making them particular, distinctive.

“Creativity is contagious, go it on.” – Albert Einstein

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